Fr. Sintus Thanksgiving Celebration

Flores - Two days after receiving the sacrament of the priesthood, on October 3, 2022, Fr. Sintus held an inaugural mass as well as a thanksgiving mass with his family in Masebewa Village, Wonda Parish, Wolowaru District, Ende Regency. More than 20 priests and hundreds of people attended this thanksgiving celebration to support Fr. Sintus in his ministry as a priest. The residents of Masebewa Village, the whole family of the new priest, both Catholic and Muslim, seemed happy and rejoiced to be involved in this celebration of faith. The joy and excitement was also shown in the traditional welcoming and reception ceremony which was carried out lively on the previous two days. From children to grandparents are involved in the dance to welcome the jubilant.

Fr. Sintus chose his ordination motto, "Be strong, stand up, he is calling you" (Mk 10:49). Bartimaeus is not taken into account, looked down upon and even shunned by many people because he is considered a cursed person. But he had strong faith and hope in God. His will is strong to live. He couldn't see but he heard stories from people around him about Jesus. His faith in God grew by listening.

This experience of Bartimaeus' faith became the basis for FR. Sintus in reflecting on the journey of his vocation. He is not a great person, sometimes not taken into account, but he has a strong faith, determination and a strong fighting spirit in life. That is also why Fr. Sintus was deemed appropriate by the congregation to be sent to the Netherlands, said P. Anton in his homily. Just as Bartimaeus after recovering from his illness did not become selfish, but left everything and followed Jesus, so P Sintus was ready to leave Masebewa Village, Wonda Parish, to work in serving God's People in the Netherlands.

The support and love of the Masebewa community for Fr. Sintus is very great. May all this support be an encouragement for P Sintus in his priestly ministry in the mission land.

Fr. Lukas dirman, SMM