rumah novisiat tempat tinggal para montfortan

SMM Novitiate

The SMM Novitiate is located in Langgo, Carep Village, Langke Rembong Ruteng District. This place was started to be built in April 2001 by Mr. Leo Chandra as a contractor. And since May 2002 the novices who have moved from Bandung have begun to occupy them. The Montfortian Novitiate was inaugurated by Father General, Fr. Bill Considine, SMM on June 10, 2002, although at that time the construction had not yet been completed. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Mgr. Eduardus Sangsun, SVD (late), Fr. Provincial Voncken, Fr. Superior of the Delegation and his representatives, and some of God's people. The coaching staff in the early days were: Fr. Wim Peeters as Magister, Fr. Ludofikus Ndona as Socius, and Fr. Wiwid as an economist. Mgr. Edu in his remarks at the inauguration said that the novitiate is not only the Montfortan community but more than that 'our community, the local Church community, who live from the same root and share a mission for the sake of the Kingdom of God. As for the people, this novitiate is expected to be a sign and means of mercy for them and the people around them.”