foto para dewan provinsi

Provincial Council

Leaders and leadership are one of the important factors in the development of a union. Likewise for the Company of Mary in Indonesia, in 2018, SMM Indonesia held a Chapter to see the development of the lives of the Montfortans and also to see the future direction of SMM Indonesia. In this Chapter, the leadership of SMM Indonesia was chosen.

RP. Antonius Anton, SMM


RP. Yosep Yehara, SMM

Member of Council

Fr. Gregorius Pasi, SMM

Member of Council

Fr. Kristian Ngampu, SMM

Member of Council

RP. Yohanes Sumadi, SMM

Member of Council

Staf Provinsi

RP. Melkior Jelalu, SMM

Provincial Secretary

RP. Rofinus Jewarut, SMM

Provincial Economist

In SMM Indonesia Chapter, the Montfortans formulate their vision and mission as a direction for the lives of the Montfortans in the following year. This vision and mission direct the Montfortians both in building their identity, as well as the direction of their presence in the world.


Montfortian of Indonesia as a small flock on a pilgrimage in the spirit of Saint Montfort to renew the Christian faith and be a blessing to the world.


  1. Strengthening identity by cultivating and nurturing Montfortian's living traditions since its early formation.
  2. Actualizing evangelization a la Montfort
  3. Be actively involved in responding to issues of humanity and the integrity of creation.
  4. Realizing transformative, dialogical, participatory, and organizational leadership.
  5. Manage the property of the congregation in the spirit of Divine Providence.