The Development of SMM in Indonesia

I. Transfer of the baton
The development of SMM in Indonesia cannot be separated from the decision of the SMM Missionaries to open a special formation of SMM. With the formation for SMM, there is an opportunity for Indonesians who are called to follow in the footsteps of Saint Montfort to join SMM and continue the work of SMM in Indonesia.

1. The Eldest Son of SMM Indonesia
Fomasi SMM sudah dimulai sejak dibukanya Postulat dan Novisiat di Putussibau pada tahun 1980. Keputusan. Keputusan para misionaris pada pertengahan dasawarsa delapan puluhan untuk Mendidik Montfortan  pribumi, tak pernah terlepas dari pertanyaan: Akankah serikat Bertumbuh subur? Sanggupkah serikat berjuang melawan badai yang sewaktu-waktu Menerjang dan bahkan mungkin mencampakkannya ke dalam ketakberdayaan? Setelah sekitar sepuluh tahun, pertanyaan itu mulai terjawab, bukan dengan Penjelasan verbal melainkan dengan hasil nyata karya formasi.

At the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8, 1994, the Brothers Widodo, Mateus, and Konradus made their eternal vows in the Company of Mary. This is the first perpetual vows ceremony in the history of Montfortian in Indonesia. Since then, it has begun to appear that SMM has grown stout like a tree, which holds a lot of hope. Now it has flowered and in time it will produce fruit. All doubtful questions began to fall, and the buds of hope grew.

Pada 14 Mei 1995 Diakon Widodo, SMM ditahbiskan menjadi imam di Katedral Kristus Raja, Sintang. Memang Pastor Widodo bukan imam SMM Indonesia yang pertama, karena Pastor Aloysius Ding adalah SMM Indonesia yang pertama, tetapi Pastor Widodo merupakan timam pertama dalam formasi SMM Indonesia.

2. Change of the Chancellor of the seminary
After five years of concurrent work as a seminary and regional rector, at a regional council meeting on 26 June 1997, Father Piet revealed that the time had come to make regional duties a full-time job and separate the functions of the rector from the regional one. The development of the region has demanded that the regional pay attention to his communities by visiting them frequently. To make it happen, the council needs to think about and prepare the personnel and facilities. Personnel for seminary or regional rectors must be prepared within a few years.

After a sudden meeting, Father Widodo, SMM was elected as the new rector of the seminary to replace Pastor Piet, SMM

3. Transfer of the baton to the leadership of the delegation
Sebelum musyawarah, dewan delegasi telah berkumpul, di antaranya untuk membicarakan surat Pater Jenderal Considine tentang pergantian pimpinan delegasi. Menanggapi isi surat pater jenderal, dewan membentuk panitia “Jajak Pendapat” yang terdiri dari P. Kasmir dan P. Nico Schneiders. Untuk mendukung karya panitia yang berdasarkan petunjuk pater jenderal ini, Pater Superior Delegasi mengirim surat bagi setiap anggota delegasi yang berhak mengikuti pemilihan pimpinan delegasi.

Pada bulan Juni 2003, Pastor Superior Jendral mengirimkan surat keputusan yang terkait dengan pergantian pimpinan Delegasi SMM Indonesia. Dalam surat ini, Pastor Superior Jendral menyatakan bahawa superior Delegasi Indonesia adalah Pastor Ignatius Widodo. Anggota-anggota dewannya adalah Pastor Konradus Hancu, Bruder Yusup Gunarto dan Pastor Joseph Putra Dwi Darma Watun.

II. Community Change
Perekembangan SMM tidak terlepas dari pertambahan anggota. Pertambahan anggota SMM yang sudah berkaul kekal dan berkaul sementara membawa perubahan komposisi komunitas-komunitas SMM yang ada. Kini mulai tidak hanya di isi oleh konfrater dari Belanda tetapi juga konfrater dari Indonesia. Sebuah kesempatan untuk menstrasfer pengetahuan spiritualitas, pastor, dan hidup berkomunitas. Komunitas Putussibau dipimpin oleh Pastor Smit dengan anggota komunitasnya: frater Konradus, Fr. Mateus dan Fr. Yohanes Gausana. Komunitas Banua Martinus diisi oleh Pastor Hoogland bersama Br. Frans Kemaya dan frater TOP. Demikian juga dengan komunitas-komunitas yang lain.

The joy of the development of SMM in Indonesia, cannot be separated from the loss of several Dutch confreres who due to health conditions had to return to the Netherlands. The return of the missionaries who contributed to the Church and SMM in Indonesia, brought changes in the communities they left behind. Father Smit as the leader of the Putussibau community had to return to the Netherlands and be replaced by Father Konradus Hancu. Father Hang and Father Hoogland who served in Banua Martinus returned to the Netherlands and were replaced by Pastor Stefanus Seli.

III. Formation Development

1. Migration of the Novitiate from Bandung to Ruteng
In April 2001 began to build the Montfortan Novitiate complex in Langgo, Carep Village, Langke Rembong District, Ruteng. Novitiate in Ruteng. In a meeting on May 14-16 2001 in Bandung, the delegation council discussed the period of moving the novitiate from Bandung to Ruteng. In connection with the completion of the construction of the novitiate building (estimated in 2002)

To move the novitiate to Ruteng, many things must be done. Not everyone has the same talent, thankfully, because if so then many things would have been forgotten. Fr. Wim prepared things such as mass books, incense sticks, and everything related to liturgical instruments. Father Socius saw that everything was going well. The confreres from the regional house also took care of the rest. And it should not be forgotten that thanks to the support and assistance of sponsors, the novitiate was able to send apart library books, bicycles, and so on, as well as inventory for 50 rooms in the form of curtains, windows, bed linen, pillowcases, blankets. After everything was well packed, two large trucks full of goods were sent to Flores. Delivery of goods went smoothly.

2. Scholastic Transfer from Bandung to Malang 
Officially, June 4, 2005, was the time when the formation house, which is located at Jalan Surya Sumantri 83, had to be abandoned by its residents, which consisted of 18 brothers, 2 formators, and 2 employees. After the final semester exams, the residents of Montfort Seminary began to clean up. Housekeeping this time aims to leave this house for good.

During 23-29 May, the frequency of transportation and delivery of goods increased. The house was quickly becoming empty, and the May 29 mass at the Montfort Seminary chapel was already the last weekly mass. Many people attended and it could be said that the carpet had suddenly functioned more as a seat because in addition to the number of people who was much larger than usual, also because many chairs had been transported to Malang. Two days after the last mass, the time came for the brothers from the 2003 class to leave their homes and go to Malang.

With the transfer from Bandung and the inauguration of the scholasticate in Malang, the SMM delegation closed a chapter and started a new chapter. Bishop Pandoyoputro said at the time of the blessing, “It is hoped that the Montfort Seminary Building will not only be beautiful in terms of its outward appearance but also become a contribution to spiritual wealth, especially for the people around it and the Malang Diocese Church. The influence that flows from the Company of Mary has been felt by the people in the Diocese of Malang, especially through the spiritual association of the Legion of Mary. It is not the building of stone that will determine, but the multiplicity of the spiritual influence it brings. The Montfort Seminary called 'The Cottage of Wisdom' refers to God's work in the minds, hearts, and souls of all its inhabitants and affects the people it will serve through pastoral work if there is an opportunity to meet in it … We believe that the Company of Mary has a system and spirituality capable of equipping, preparing qualified candidates for priests who are ready to take on the role of envoys for the work of saving souls.”

IV. Work Development
1. New parish works in Indonesia
At the end of the second millennium and the beginning of the third millennium, the Maria Montfortan Union of Indonesian Delegations incised a new line in the historical record of its mission in Indonesia.

Since arriving and starting his work in Indonesia in 1939 until the end of the 20th century. the Montfortans focused all their energies and attention on ministry work in the Diocese of Sintang, West Kalimantan, and later also in the Diocese of Bandung. But history never stops. History continues with time.

In 60 years, the Indonesian SMM Delegation has experienced many important developments. These important developments were influenced by many factors, both internal and external. On the one hand, the pioneers of Montfortan's missionary work have immersed themselves in building the faith of the people in Kalimantan with all their abilities and possibilities. They come for no other purpose than to work. At that time the formation of the young Montfortan was unthinkable. On the other hand, the need for the continuation of Montfortan's missionary work in Indonesia challenges and encourages the next generation of Montfortans to slightly change the "principles" that were once held by the pioneers.

Along with the emergence of the younger generation of Montfortan, new possibilities were born in carrying out the work of Montfortan's mission. The Montfortians Indonesian delegation has worked in the Diocese of Sintang for so long, that the discussion about Montfortan cannot be separated from the Diocese of Sintang or West Kalimantan. Montfortian seems to be synonymous with West Kalimantan. This identification is not something negative. born from the fact that the previous generations of Montfortans had instilled and lived a very distinctive missionary spirit. Following the life spirit of their Founding Father, Saint Montfort, they paid special attention to the simple people, to those who were materially poor. In addition, they also have an important role in building the Diocese of Sintang, even the first bishop of the Diocese of Sintang, Mgr. Lambertus van Kessel, is a Montfortian

Now that identification is slowly being abandoned. Montfort's free-living attitude confirms this choice. Saint Montfort in Soaring Prayer No. 9 cried out, “Like a cloud that soars high above the ground and is full of dew from heaven, they fly everywhere according to the direction of the breath of the Holy Spirit … They go where the Spirit blows them. “It is with this spirit that the Montfortans of the Indonesian Delegation have made a breakthrough. They received a new parish in Ruteng Diocese, West Flores. Previously, this new parish was a station for the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi, Karot. When it was expanded and became an independent parish, and began to be handled by Montfortian, the diocesan leadership approved the name Saint Montfort to be the name of the patron of the parish.

With the start of Montfortian's work in Ruteng Diocese, the way to all possibilities is opened, at least in three respects: the smooth transfer of the novitiate to Ruteng and the construction of the novitiate building, the acceptance of candidates, and the development and promotion of spirituality.

After the Montfortians got rich in the Poco Parish, the Montfortans was again entrusted by the Bishop to work in Mbeling Parish.

The parochial work of the Montfortans continued to expand; not only Sintang Diocese and Ruteng Diocese but continues to grow, namely Palangkaraya Diocese: Kandui Parish and Pir Butong Parish, then Malang Diocese: Pasuruan Parish.

2. Overseas works
The number of Indonesian SMM members seems to be growing quite prolific. In 2000 the Indonesian Delegation had 18 priests. The Montfortians who work in neighboring Papua New Guinea have read about the development of Indonesia's SMM. The confreres in Papua New Guinea are only a few people and generally are old. Bishop Kiunga, Mgr. Gilles Côté, SMM, asked Indonesia to support the mission work there, especially by sending its young workers. Responding to the bishop's request in Kiunga, the Indonesian Delegation agreed to send SMM missionaries to Kiunga. Fr. Piet Derckx, as the superior of the delegation, had approached a confreres chap who opened the way to stir-fry King, namely Fr. Mattius Juang, who at that time was working at the Martinus Continental Parish. He was prepared to be a missionary pioneer in Kiungu, with a promise between the Diocese of Kiungga and the Indonesian SMM Delegation that after one year an evaluation would be conducted to see the possibilities of sending the next Indonesian missionaries. On Sunday 20 May 2001 the first Montfortian Indonesia missionary, Father Mateus Juang departed from Jakarta to the mission land of Papua New Guinea.

In fact, for years, the leadership of the Daru-Kiunga Diocese has asked for SMM personnel from Indonesia through the Dutch Province. However, this matter only got an answer at the end of the twentieth century when it was decided that the Indonesian Delegation SMM would open and start a new mission in Papua New Guinea.

After the Montfortans sent their confreres to Papua New Guinea, calls for missions abroad increased. The calls came from Latin America: Ecuador and Nicaragua, from France and the Netherlands. So by considering the presence of personnel, SMM Indonesia sends its best members to these countries. There are still some requests but SMM Indonesia has not been able to send its members because there is still a shortage of members.

V. Evangelization a la Montfort: Mission of the people and the house of mission
Evangelization a la Montfort has long been echoed by the Superior General of Rome. Evangelization a la Montfort means looking for forms of evangelization according to the spirit of Saint Montfort according to the local culture and situation (SMM General Leader Circular). SMM Indonesia is also trying to find other forms of Evangelization a la Montfort.

In 2020 the Deo Soli Retreat House, Putussibau, and the Montfort Monastery, Menurai were converted into the Montfortan Mission House where these two houses became the locomotive to carry out the Montfortian mission, namely the montfortans who went around to provide retreats for people from the parish to parish. St. Montfort's traveling missions like this have already been carried out, but are now adapted to the circumstances of the times and local circumstances.

As a first step the Keliling team, consisting of Montfortian in the Mission House and Montfortan in the parish, held several retreats for the people in the Montfortan parish. For the Kapuas Hulu region (the territory of the Sintang Diocese) it was held at the God's Apparition Parish, Siut, and continued to Antonius Padua Parish, Mendalam. In the Sintang area, the Montfort Mission House team conducted several traveling missions at the Maria Ratu Rosari Parish, Lebang. In this parish, mission teams travel around from one station to another. In this mission the Montfortans teach catechesis to children, youth, and adults, practice choirs, visit families, and so on.

The enthusiasm of the Montfortans who carried it out was quite good. They had a variety of faith-stirring experiences. From the side of the people who are served, they are also very enthusiastic and feel grateful for this traveling mission because they feel welcomed and affirmed. A lot of knowledge and news they got from the Montfortians.

VI. Change from delegation to province
Perkembangan SMM di Indonesia telah nampak baik dalam hal jumlah anggota (kaul kekal dan kaul sementara) maupun dalam kemandirian finansial. Perkembangan ini merupakan perkembangan yang positif yang patut dipertimabangkan, maka Pemimpin Umum SMM dunia, P. Santino Brembilla, SMM bahwa  sejak tanggal 3 Juni 2013 status SMM Indonesia ditingkatkan dari Vice-Province  to Province of SMM Indonesia. This Upgrade of Status received support from the General Council and the participants of the extraordinary General Council Members meeting which took place in Fatima, Portugal, on May 12 – 19 2013.

The development of SMM was initiated by its predecessors, beginning with the proclamation of the Good News in West Kalimantan, under the banner and protection of Our Lady. Under the banner and protection of Our Lady, the development of SMM will continue.