Brother of St. Gabriel

Montfort not only founded the Society of Mary, but also the Congregation of DW (Daughters of Wisdom or in Indonesia called Sisters of the Daughters of Wisdom). DW became the first congregation that Montfort founded. Marie-Louise Trichet was the first member and co-founder of the congregation (1684-1759) and she was given the title Blessed on 16 May 1993 by Pope John Paul II. In addition to the Society of Mary and DW, there are also the so-called Brothers of St. Gabriel. The Brothers of St. Gabriel is a continuation of the group of brothers called Montfort. When Fr. Gabriel Deshayes became superior to the Society of Mary and DW (1821), he separated the teaching brothers from the brothers who followed the priesthood of the Society of Mary.

Gabriel Deshayes founded a house of education for the teaching Brothers and the name chosen for the house was St. Gabriel. Because of their different lifestyle and work, the brothers who teach are given their constitution and become a congregation of teaching brothers under the name of the Brothers of St. Gabriel – who is different from the Brothers of the Union of Mary. The Brothers of the Society of Mary live in the Community of the Holy Spirit, so they are sometimes called the Brothers of the Holy Spirit. However, both the Brother of the Holy Spirit who is a member of the Society of Mary and the Brother of St. Gabriel and Sister DW is under the same leadership: Fr. Gabriel Deshayes (seventh Superior in the history of SMM). Thus, the Brothers of St. Gabriel belong to a large Montfortian family. So, the so-called big Montfortian families are SMM, DW, and the St. Brothers.

Problems arose when Gabriel Deshayes died on December 24, 1841. His successor, Brother Augustin wanted Brother St. Gabriel to have his leader separate from the Company of Mary (priests and brothers) and DW. Because, according to him, Brother St. Gabriel was not founded by Montfort. Montfort was simply the “Spiritual Father” who made the Brothers of St. Gabriel was chosen into his spirituality, but not the founder. This separation lasted almost 80 years and ended in 1968. In that year (1968) Superior SMM, Cornelius Heiligers, and Superior Brother St. Gabriel, Roman Landry, sign a letter stating that the two Guilds must cooperate. We are disciples of Jesus Christ by following in the footsteps of Montfort. Both live from the same spirituality. We're a Montfortian family.

Today the three great Montfortian families (SMM, Sisters Daughters of Wisdom/DW, and Brother St. Gabriel) each have their general leadership in Rome and their members have grown and worked in various countries. Two of them: SMM and DW work in Indonesia. SMM was brought to Indonesia by the Dutch Montfortian. Dutch Montfortian itself originated from a group of monks from the Union of Maria Montfortian from France who in 1881 fled to the Netherlands and looked for a place to live in Schimmert, Limburg Province, at the southern tip of the Netherlands which is not too far from France. Because at that time France was being hit by anti-Church and anti-clerical movements. Initially wanted to evacuate but then settled. Even the Union began to take root in the Netherlands and was growing. In 1904, not yet a quarter of a century later,