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The Mission of SMM

The apostolic work of the Company of Mary takes place in the mission of the Church, which is sent so that every human being can reach full maturity in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 4:13). The proclamation of the Gospel to the whole world is an urgent task which is the responsibility of every believer.

This participation in the mission of the Church, which is the common duty of all Christians and in particular the duty of all missionary institutes, must be given a special character and made actual by starting from the charism of the Founding Fathers, which was continued in the missionary tradition of his successors.

The people of God will always need this apostolic activity as one of its essential elements, and therefore the missionary tradition of St. Montfort will remain current in the Church.

According to the apostolic inspiration of Saint Montfort, the preaching of the Gospel by missionaries must:

1. find his prophetic impetus in the work of the Holy Spirit;

2. becomes a cry for "renewal" (cf. RIM 56) anchored in an "apostolic" lifestyle (cf. RIM 60);

3. disclosed:

  • in the tendency to side with the most marginalized, the oppressed and exploited (cf. RIM 7);
  • in concern for the needs of the Church (cf. Srt 5) which denotes the most urgent apostolic work;

4. Llan on:

  • total surrender to the Divine Providence, which is expressed specifically through a missionary life in dependence on the people (cf. RIM 50);
  • the zeal to imitate Mary's example and to be ready for her;

5. involve them in the proclamation of salvation through the cross, the pinnacle of God's wisdom and power (1Co 2:1 3), a special sign of love and total giving;
6. showing a passionate love for the glory of God, the ultimate goal of all apostolate.

This preaching especially demands of the missionaries:

1. that they analyze the needs of the world today, especially in their immediate environment, and that they are good at finding methods of apostolic work that are appropriate to the social and cultural conditions of the people they are evangelizing;

2. that they understand the needs of the Church and cooperate with all their brethren;

3. that they draw their impetus from the hope of the Kingdom;

4. that they are in solidarity with all their brethren – fellow human beings – in their search for liberation and brotherhood.

All of this is an integral part of missionary work.

That is why a Montfortian missionary, following Montfort's example, opens himself up to the signs of the times, which he tries to examine and interpret in the light of the Gospel. These signs manifest themselves in various ways: in events in the life of the Church and the world; through decisions of Councils and Synods; through the call and direction of the Pope and the bishops. For us, the signs of the times are especially expressed in the ideals and directions of the Provincial Chapters and General Chapters.

The missionary apostolate of Montfortian is the work of the entire Companyof Mary. Whatever their personal task, all members of the Congregation, Father and Brother, must consider themselves as an integral part of a great community, each of which plays a role in the completion of the whole work. This belief should animate the apostolate of the members of every province and community.

Teamwork, as an expression of our community life, is also an effective apostolic method. Let leaders seek to form and support genuine work teams.

Recognizing the fact that the apostolate is the mission of the whole Church, the members of the Company of Mary endeavor to work in cooperation with the laity and, where necessary, to invite and nurture them.

Many of the laity expressed their need for spiritual food. A number of people are looking for it and have found it in various sources. The Montfortian missionaries, on their part, sought to introduce the spirituality of their Founding Father, by appropriate means, to those who might be interested in him.

In order that one or another lay group may best fulfill the apostolic demands of their vocation, they may, if the possibility exists, become "relatives" of the Company of Mary [“associate”], using various forms of shelter and support, according to inspiration. Saint Montfort, and through the various paths which he himself opened.

The association "Mary Queen of All Hearts", for the laity and for priests, are approved by the Church and recognized as "typical" of the Company of Mary.

In its missionary activities, the Company of Mary pays more attention to the spirit that animates its works than to the works themselves. Therefore, it is open to various forms of apostolate which respond to the urgent needs of the Church and the inspiration of Montfortian, heeding no. 57 of the Constitution.

All members of Company of Mary must preach the gospel according to their functions and abilities. There are many ways to do this, and those who are entrusted with less direct apostolic tasks, but which prove necessary for the life of the Society, do make a real contribution to the evangelistic work of the community: they make this work possible and give it the spiritual support it deserves. very important.

Thus the Mission of the SMM is a mission that takes place in the mission of the Church. As a congregation based on the spirit of Saint Monfort as its founder, its missionary work is characterized by the missionary spirit and spirituality of Saint Montfort.