The Mission of SMM

The mission of SMM is inseparable from the mission of the Catholic Church and the mission described by Saint Montfort as the founder of SMM. Saint Montfort wanted a group of priests under the banner and protection of Our Lady, so his mission was also carried out under the banner and protection of Our Lady.

The Mission of the Company of Mary is expressed in the Constitution as follows: “Our mission in the Church consists in revealing the mysteries of salvation to those who do not yet know it, and in helping those who have heard already heard the Good News to rediscover and deepen this mystery by a renewed consciousness of the meaning of their baptismal commitment."

And speaking of the specific character of the Congregation, the Constitution adds: “The Marian character in the Company of Mary is an essential possession of our Congregation. Mary is not present in the life of the missionaries in some accidental fashion: Devotion toward her is an integral part of their spiritual life and apostolate.”

The 1993 General Chapter of the Company of Mary, in accord with the call of Pope John Paul II for a “new Evangelisation,” proposed as a prime orientation of Congregation for the years: “Evangelisation in Montfort’s own way, with an adaptation of Montfortian spirituality to our different cultures.”