Extraordinary General Council participants called to take risks for God and humanity

ROME, Italy - May 17, 2022 marked the opening of the Extraordinary General Council (EGC) 2022 with the Holy Mass at Domus Aurea in Rome led by the Superior General, Fr. Luiz Augusto STEFANI, SMM. In his homily, the Superior General called upon EGC/CGE participants to dare taking risks for God and humanity in their creative fidelity. “Because we are men of hope, we dare to take risk; we now dare to see the realization of the project that God has for the poor, for the Company of Mary, for the Church, for all humanity.”

He assured the congregants that there is a great hope that comes from the certainty of keeping the prophecy of our vocations alive, Here am I Lord, I come to do your will. The hope that comes from the certainty that we are disciples of Jesus Christ, Eternal Wisdom, incarnate, crucified and risen. The hope that comes from the bottom of the heart of our Mother Mary and the hope that comes from the inspiration and the charism of our founder, Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort.

Apart from the EGC/CGE participants, some of the congregants present during the Holy Mass were community members of the General Administration, namely Fr. Jailos Augustine MPINA, SMM, Fr. Anar BANI, SMM, Bro. Jean Desire RAKOTONANDRASANA, SMM, Bro. Albino, SMM and the Daughters of the Church sisters who are running the center where the conference is taking place

At 9:30 a.m., all EGC participants and translators gathered in the conference room as indicated in the program schedule. Father General gave the Opening Remarks themed “Dare to take risks for God and humanity: Our creative fidelity”. Among others, he highlighted two major tasks for the 4-day EGC conference.

“The First part: everything related to practical issues in the life of the Entities. Second part: everything related to the preparation for the General Chapter 2023. In the agenda of these days, we put in practice this structure and we will follow it quietly,” he remarked.

All superiors of entities are present except Fr. Mario BELOTTI, SMM, the Provincial Superior of Italian entity and Fr. Bruno RANDRIANASOLO, SMM, the Provincial Superior of Madagascar.

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