Celebration of the Peak Year of the SMM Asia-Oceania Mission

The culmination of the 2022 Asia-Oceania Continental Mission Year in Montfortian, the Flores region, centered on the Santo Montfort Poco Parish, was lively. Coinciding with the patronage of the Parish of Saint Montfort Poco, April 28, 2022. This celebration is marked by various faith and cultural activities. Among them is the mission of the people of Montfortian (04/27/2022) which is packaged in a catechesis with the theme of renewing the baptismal vows according to the teachings of Saint Montfort. This mission was facilitated by the Montfortians (SMM) of the Flores area and AMQAH Ruteng supported by the Sisters Daughter of Wisdom (DW).

The mission of the parishioners is carried out in 15 parish areas of Saint Montfort Poco. Before going down to the Ecclesiastical Base Communities for their missions, the Montfortians and AMQAH were received in a traditional way in the parish hall of Santo Montfort Poco. After dinner, the mission team departed for the point that had been determined by the committee, the parish priest, and the Pastoral Council. The purpose of this mission is for the faith of the people to be enlightened and renewed. The culmination of the mass celebration at the parish church of Santo Montfort Poco was packed with people from all over the parish area. Montfortian priests concelebrated in the celebration of the Eucharist accompanied by a lively chorus by the brothers from the novitiate. In Pastor Kristian's sermon, SMM as the main celebrant and in his speech as the coordinator of SMM for the Flores region advised the people to always have loyalty and be obedient to the teachings of Jesus. The model used is a life of faith like the Virgin Mary.

At the end of the culmination of the Eucharistic celebration, all people were invited to sing the theme song RISE AND SHINE together. The event continued with a friendly atmosphere while watching the creative arts entertainment from Montfort Youth. This memorable art event really presented many stories, including the realization and love of local culture as a mission field, and gave a valuable message for the involvement of the church members in the parish of Santo Montfort Poco, especially in pumping the spirit of missionaries to become reporters and witnesses of Christ in the midst of this world. Some of the events performed by the Montfort youths were Testify to love from Montfort youth Ruteng, regional dance creations from Montfort youth Labuan bajo, rangkuk Alu dance from Montfort youth Ting, congka sae dance from Montfort youth Wetok and vocal group from Montfort youth Lidang and Welong. The Brothers of Novices and priests as well as the Sisters are also present in a concerted entertainment program.

Rise and Shine!. Montfort In Asia-Oceania

Fr. Kosmas Ambo Patan, SMM


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