Celebration of SMM Mission in Asia-Oceania, Putussibau

The opening of the SMM Mission Celebration in Asia-Oceania in West Kalimantan was held on January 31, 2022. After the opening, each SMM parish held a celebration of the SMM Mission in Asia-Oceania in their parish. The first parish to celebrate was the Parish of St. Antonius Padua, Mendalam, then on April 28-29, 2022 the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary (HSPMTB), Putussibau, also celebrated. The celebration of SMM's mission in Asia-Oceania at Putussibau Parish was carried out by gathering young people in SMM parishes around Putussibau, namely Putussibau Parish, St. Antonius Padua, Mendalam, Penampakan Tuhan (Epiphany), Siut. Each parish sent 25 participants. The enthusiasm of the young people in this celebration can be seen in their enthusiasm in participating in every event.

The celebration is held in two days. The first day was opened with a mass led by Fr. Roin, SMM. After mass, the event continued with a shared meal and closed with the Taize prayer. The atmosphere of Taize leads young people to pray and reflect on themselves. The second day, the celebration was filled with several sessions brought by the Montfortians. The first session was given by Fr. Rafael, SMM about “Youth Missioners”, the second session was given by Fr. Martin, SMM about “Youth Spirituality”. In the Q&A session, many young people ask questions, although sometimes they are still shy to ask. But this shows that young people really have enthusiasm in paying attention to every discussion.

The celebration closed with a Saint Montfort Feast Mass presided over by Fr. Jack, SMM. In his sermon, Fr. Rafael, SMM emphasized the importance of young people being motivators in the development of the church such as Saint Montfort who became a motivator for the people, Teamwork between priests and the laity such as Saint Montfort who embraced the laity and cooperated with the laity in building faith. After the Mass for the Feast of St. Montfort, the participants displayed their own creativity, namely dance, song, and poetry.

Teamwork between priests and laity has been seen in this celebration, where the priests of Montfortian work together with the laity, especially young people to work together to make the celebration a success, both from the preparation, the day of celebration, and also at the time after the celebration.

Fr. Stefanus Leba, SMM