All Because Of God

Malang-Indonesia, April 27 and 28 are two happy dates for Montfortian Indonesia because on these two dates Montfortian Indonesia holds two important events, namely the ordination of priests and four deacons and the celebration of St. George's Day. Montfort.

Priest and Deacon Ordination

The Eucharistic celebration of the ordination of 14 deacons and 2 priests was held on April 27 2023 and started at 16.30, and was carried out offline and online (hybrid). The Mass was presided over by the poor Bishop, Mgr. Hendrikus Pidyarto Gunawan, O.Carm and accompanied by two concelebrant priests, namely Father Antonius Tensi, SMM and Father Henricus Vidi Krista, Pr (chairman of the Unio Diocese of Malang. Apart from the two priests, this Eucharistic celebration was also attended by 150 priests. The atmosphere of the Eucharistic Celebration it felt so majestic and very solemn. The choir performed by the cathedral choir added to the solemnity of this ordination Eucharistic celebration.

When delivering his homily, Bishop Hendricus Pidyarto Gunawan, O.Carm., raised the mission of Jesus to His disciples contained in the Gospel of Luke. He said that Jesus sent not only 12 apostles, but there was another group that was much bigger, namely the group of 70 disciples. They were also sent to every city and place visited by Jesus to provide spiritual land for evangelization.

The bishop underlined that 12 is not enough, 70 is not enough. There is still much more that is needed by God to proclaim the Gospel. He said that the harvest was indeed plentiful, because God was constantly calling people to enter into His holy family, and to be saved. But the workers are very few. Because of that, he asked to continue to pray and ask God for more and more young people to become deacons and priests.

It didn't stop there, Mgr Pidyarto also advised the candidates for deacons and priests that the calling to become priests and deacons was first and foremost a gift from God. Not from self-will. When realizing this, then, the only attitude that must be possessed by all parishioners is an attitude of gratitude for God's grace for calling 14 deacons and 2 priests.

At the end of his homily, the bishop of this poor diocese, gave one piece of advice that is so important and must be carried out by our sixteen brothers who are ordained priests and deacons. He said thus “I do hope that the sixteen people who receive the grace of diaconate and priest ordination do realize that a certain quality is required of them. new deacons and priests are expected to be faithful in carrying out prayer obligations. The faithful celebrate the Eucharist, and it doesn't matter that they must also be true to their vows.” Apart from that, he also said that “Even though the leaders were considered to be wrong, not smart enough, and not making the right decisions, at least they learned to live in obedience. It's a matter of obedience. This is the key to the holiness of the priests.

Before the Mass was over, the new priests namely Fr. Megi, SMM and Fr. Bryan, Pr each gave their parents their first blessing and after that, to all the parishioners present. After that, the commentator invited several representatives to give remarks. First from the parent representatives of the new deacons and priests. there are many things of thanks and gratitude delivered on this occasion. however, there is one important point to keep in mind which is mixed in the message parents convey to their children. The mother, who represents the parents, tries to convey 7 messages and the contents of the parents' hearts to the jubilaries, with the following messages: first, take good care of yourself and your heart. your vocation is priest for ever. Second, remember that your hands have been anointed with Chrism oil so that you can sanctify the people and offer sacrifices to God. third, be a good servant and try to serve others humbly. Fourth, always pray and read the scriptures. Fifth, being a priest today is not easy, the challenges are very heavy, always ask Mother Mary to remain firm in her vocation. Six, always learn to find God's will. aim to be humble in serving the people and dare to apologize if you make a mistake. The mother also invited all parishioners to pray for the newly ordained deacons and two priests so they can carry out their vocations well.

Apart from the parents' representatives, there were also representatives from the sixteen ordained siblings represented by Father Megi, smm. He expressed his deepest gratitude to all those who had made this ordination celebration a success. After father Megi, there was also Rmo Chess representing the educational institution SFT Widya Sasana Malang, who also expressed his gratitude. Then there was Father Anton who also expressed his gratitude to all parties involved in the success of this ordination Mass. After conveying this, Father Anton, SMM also immediately announced the placement of our first five confreres, Father Megi, to become a member of the Montfortian Marian Spirituality Center Team, Ponsa Malang. Second, the deacon must be sent to the SMM Postulate-Novitiate community in Ruteng, the Siong deacon will be sent to serve the people at the Saint Anthony of Anius Padua Parish of Sintang Diocese, the gusti deacon will be sent to the Apparition of God Parish, Siut Melapi Siut Melapi Diocese, the deacon will be sent to the Parish Saint Montfort, Poco of Ruteng Diocese. At the end of his speech, Father Anton advised us to always be loyal to Christ, our bride. After everyone gave their speeches, the bishop, Pidyarto, made the atmosphere even more joyful with his jokes. He did not deliver his remarks like before, because all the thanks had been conveyed by the previous representatives. He only expressed his gratitude to those who have not been mentioned, namely the lecturers, psalms and also to the koster.

After the mass ended at around 19.15 WIB, the new priests and the fourteen deacons took a photo with the bishop in front of the altar of the cathedral church. After taking a photo with the bishop, the new priests and deacons took a photo with their respective families. Meanwhile, we brothers and sisters rushed back to the ponsa in an elf car. We deliberately went home because we used two waves. Moreover, in the community there is also a welcoming and reception event together to give thanks for the Ordination of our five confreres.

Solemnity of Saint Montfort

Dear confreres, coinciding with the Solemnity of Saint Montfort, we in the Ponsa Community also held a united heart at the first mass of Father Megi, SMM. Before Mass, at exactly 16.40 WIB, Father Megi accompanied by the four deacons was received according to the manggarai (kepok) custom which took place in front of the main door.

After the reception ceremony was completed according to the Manggarai custom, the Eucharistic Celebration in order to celebrate Saint Montfort's feast day also giving thanks for the ordination of priests and deacons, began immediately at 17.05 WIB. Father Megi, SMM led the Mass. Everything looks calm and peaceful. The solemnity was further created by the singing of the choir from fr.alan et al. In his homily, there was one important point that became the spirit that moved Fr. Megi in carrying out her Priesthood, that is, she must be like the donkey that Jesus rode on. He said that for him becoming a priest meant being ready to be poor and being a humble servant for God.

Before the Mass was over, there were two speeches delivered. First, by Romo Megi himself. he once again conveyed his feelings of gratitude and gratitude to God and to all those who have supported him in every way, so that he and the four deacons could be ordained. He also asked for prayers and support for the five of them, so that they remain enthusiastic and strong in living their vocation. secondly, the speech was given by Father Goris, SMM who represented the provincial father. Incidentally, Father Anton and also Father Dwi did not have time to attend the first Mass from Father Megi, because they had to go to Rome on the same day to attend the General's Chapter. In his speech, Father Goris congratulated Father Megi. he called Romo Megi by another name, namely Pour Matias. Father Goris, invited all present to be grateful that Father Megi was born from so many wombs that formed him, especially from Ponsa's womb. this is not a coincidence, Father Megi did not exist because of his will, it was all because of God's will. So Father Goris invited us to always be grateful for this gracious thing. After that, Father Megi gave several blessings, firstly to parents and family; secondly to confreres; and thirdly for all those present, invited guests and acquaintances.

After mass, Father Megi and the four deacons took a photo with the priests. After taking a group photo in front of the altar, the next event took place in the yard of unit one. The s1 recreation room is also used for invited guests to enjoy dinner together. While enjoying the meal that had been prepared, the invited guests were entertained by the melodious voice of Bro. Azis, Bro. Herwin, Bro. Yusli, Bro. valer and Bro evan. Not to be outdone, Bro. Elfrid also showed his golden voice with the song to love somebody. In essence, everything that happened tonight is an expression of our happiness for the blessings that have been received by Father Megi and our four beloved deacons. Lastly, the thanksgiving event for the ordination of priests and deacons as well as Saint Montfort's Day was closed by dancing together in the courtyard of unit one, right next to the recreation room for the brothers and sisters.

Br. Rey Naban, SMM