Workshop on Human Growth and the Sexuality of a Religious in the Anglophone Africa General Delegation

NAIROBI, Kenya - On 11th June 2022, confreres from Anglophone Africa General Delegation arrived in Nairobi, Kenya to attend a workshop that was organized to empower and equip them with knowledge about human growth and sexuality of a religious. In attendance were 14 confreres (SMM Frs. Louis Nkukumila, Jacob Otieno, Anthony Chilolo, Peter Makina, Nobert Kashaija, Ronald Musinguzi, Paul Kumwenda, Joseph Kudzala, Petro Chilumpha, Damiano Abraham, Bernard Maganga, Innocent Mwanoka, Horrice Mkandawire and Laurent Juma). This workshop was facilitated by Rev. Fr. Dr. Joyzy Pius Egunjobi who is the Director of Psycho-Spiritual Institute in Nairobi, Kenya. The workshop started on Monday, 13th June and ended on Friday, 17th June 2022.

During this workshop, confreres were made aware of the diversity of human growth and development. In his presentation, Fr. Joyzy Pius Egunjobi helped the confreres to understand how sexuality is related to their religious and pastoral life. By exposing the diversity of human sexuality, they were able to understand how growth in a human person unfolds and affects one’s development from childhood to adulthood stage.

sexuality which they have entrusted to the care of Jesus and placed it at the service of the Church. A religious is a sexual being. This awareness calls for a responsible living that brings to mind one’s vocation as a religious. Besides, the facilitator of this workshop brought to the attention of the confreres about child protection and the impacts of abuse in the Church.

The workshop also provided the confreres with a joyous and grace filled moment as they had time to reminisce the good moments and experiences they once shared in the past years. We thank the organizers of this workshop for providing the young confreres with such an enriching moment in their life as religious priests in the Company of Mary.

Fr. Laurent JUMA, SMM
ICI Balaka Community