St. Montfort Parish's Participation in the Cultural and Religious Festival in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, Flores, NTT

Flores, Indonesia Poco Parish is a parish served by the Montfortians. There are two confreres serving Poco Parish, namely Fr. Kosmas Ambo Patan, SMM and Fr. Robertus Kalore, SMM. There are many pastoral activities carried out. One of the concerns of the pastoral team is improving the economy of parishioners.

In order to make the Golokoe Festival in Labuan Bajo a success, St. Montfort Poco Parish participated in it. This Golokoe Festival is the first major event organized by the Ruteng Diocese. In the framework of the 2022 Holistic Tourism Year, the Ruteng diocese's annual pastoral program with the theme 'participating, cultured and sustainable'. To realize this program, it is socialized to all parishioners and institutions to be mobilized and empowered according to the context of culture and local wisdom. There are religions, crafts, historic sites and promotion of tourist attractions, while programs that touch the daily life of the people to be used as business opportunities are weaving groups, weaving, organic gardens, local products such as palm sugar, traditional Munuman, extracts of herbal medicines. and so forth.

Poco Parish focuses on one thing, namely the creative economy empowerment program. We socialize in the framework of this tourism year to encourage people to bring back traditional values that until now need to be preserved. One of them is woven mats and pillows. We mobilize and facilitate families, especially people who cannot afford to be invited to work as creatively as possible in weaving these mats and pillows. The result was unexpected. Many people are finally active and making this program a market opportunity in this Tourism Year. Eating in the Golokoe Festival event is the result of the crafts of our people showing off in the UMKM (Micro and Medium Business) section. Many people entrust their creations to be exhibited and promoted in the Exhibition Basar at the Cultural and Religious Festival in Labuan Bajo.

Until the fourth day, many buyers came and bought handicrafts. The profit from selling these items is entirely for the people. The Poco Parish Pastoral Team is very happy to be able to help develop the people's economy and participate in cultural preservation.

During the Golokoe Festival, the Poco Parish not only participates in the UMKM exhibition but also participates in the Cultural Arts Performance. Members of Montfort Youth of Poco Parish performed the traditional dance "Tiba Meka", a welcoming dance at the Water Front City Marina Labuan Bajo Main Stage. They performed Saturday Night.

Fr. Kosmas Ambo Patan, SMM