SMM Indonesia Economic Commission Meeting

Sintang, Indonesia SMM Province of Indonesia held another meeting in the context of the Celebration of the Asia-Oceania Continental Mission. On June 23, 2022, a meeting of the Economic Commission will be held. The meeting was attended by a number of economists from SMM entities in Indonesia and also attended by two assistant generals, namely Fr. Arnold, SMM, and Fr. Bala, SMM.

The meeting was opened by Fr. Anton, SMM as provincial. In his speech, the provincial thanked the economists who were willing to attend this meeting. The father provincial explained the economic situation of SMM Indonesia, especially since the 2017 Provincial Chapter, the mission of Wisma La Sagese which needs financial support, the creative economy, and others. In addition, there are several expectations that were conveyed by the provincial: input for the performance of the financial commission, evaluation of the creative economy, and evaluation of the performance of community economists (many obstacles, messy financial reports).

The meeting was continued by listening to the presentation from Br. Bayu, CSA presented about the Independence of the congregation. In this section, Br. Bayu shared the management and regulation of the financial independence of the CSA Brothers Congregation. In the second part, Brother Bayu presents Planning for Financial Independence Supporting Business Units. Brother explains how to create business opportunities, discussion guides, as well as recommendations, and measures business and audit success. After the presentation from Br. Bayu, CSA, the participants were given the opportunity to ask questions and then the participants were divided into discussion groups.

In the next session, the participants were invited to see the financial condition of SMM internationally by Fr. Bala, SMM. Some of the things that Fr. Bala presented are How far can we go that can provide income for the congregation? Concern from the generalate, initial coaching, who helps us in the initial coaching project and financial financing, Self-financing the initial coaching, Solidarity, and future challenges and solutions. After the explanation of Fr. Bala, Fr. Arnold, SMM then gave some notes about: living in the Divine providence, we put everything we receive in the common treasury. Money dominates and obscures brotherhood. This is the reality in our congregation. Whatever material or money we receive, we put it in the spirit of brotherhood.

The fourth session was filled with Creative Economy and Gotas sessions hosted by Fr. Jeje, SMM. In this session, it is explained about the creative economy efforts that have been carried out by several communities. The communities that have implemented it are the formation community and several other communities. There are several creative economic efforts that have been implemented, such as cattle breeding, laying hens, and coffee plantations. After the creative economy presentation, the participants were given the opportunity to ask questions and discussion.

The meeting of the Economic Commission is expected to produce recommendations and decisions. But before recommendations and decisions are made, the participants are given the opportunity to deposit and reflect on the inputs and things that have been discussed that day. Recommendations and decisions will be made at the next meeting in August.

Communication Team – Indonesia