Second Day of the SMM Province of Indonesia

Malang – The second day of the Provincial Chapter at Wednesday, January 11 2023 began with a Eucharistic celebration led by Father Stefanus Seli, SMM and accompanied by Father Arnoldus Suhardi, SMM. In his sermon, Father Stef revealed how Jesus manifested what He taught. Therefore, we priests must carry out our ministry according to what we teach.

Father Budiono, O.Carm continued the second session of recollection from 8.00 to 12.30 WIB. In his recollection, he emphasizes the theme of faithfulness to our vocation and making the congregation our home. In practicing faithfulness, we always learn from the Lord Jesus who is faithful to His Father. And as members of the SMM congregation, we must make this congregation our home after completing our ministry assignments.

In the next activity, Father Budiono, O.Carm as the Facilitator and Moderator of the SMM Chapter opened the chapter meeting with the agenda: Provincial remarks, remarks from the council of generals, explanation of the procedures for the chapter and election of steering committee members.

In the first place, Father Antonius Tensi, SMM welcomed the capitulans. Father Anton is very happy that the confreres can come together and take part in this chapter. He hopes that this chapter will be truly effective and develop the life of the SMM congregation, especially in Indonesia.

In the second place, Father Arnold Suhardi, SMM as the representative of the Council of Generals of SMM gave a speech. He suggested that the Montfort Missionaries should have a variety of mission works. He also outlined the General Chapter which will be held from 1-21 May 2023 with the theme of basic concern: Dare to take risks for God and humanity: Our creative loyalty. This context was born from Saint Montfort's statement to Marie-Louis, "if you don't take risks for God, you won't do anything great for Him."

This is the news that we can convey to you all about the Chapter SMM Indonesian. Please pray for all the confreres for the next stage of the Chapter activities. God bless us all.

Fr. Albertus Arif, SMM