Putussibau Young Catholic Gathering

Putussibau 220 Young Catholics (OMK) Putussibau held a grand gathering at one of the parish stations, namely Sungai Uluk station. This meeting took place from 8 and 9 October. These young people come from various stations in the parish of the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary (HSPMTB), Putussibau, namely young people from the Tanjung Lasa, Sibau Hulu, Sibau Hilir, Pala Island, Sungai Uluk, Kedamin Darat Hilir, Kedamin Darat Hulu stations, St. Stephen, St. Theresa, St. Francis, Antony's ward, St. Joseph, the circle of the Queen of the Rosary, John the Apostle of the bay of Aur and Saint Thomas Aquino.

The theme of this gathering is Catholic Youth Who Loves the Bible and Our Lady. On Saturday, October 8, 2022, at 08.00 AM, the committee gathered to welcome the participants who took part in this activity. Then proceed with participant registration, snacks, group distribution, distribution of lodging places, and lunch together. All of these activities began with an opening prayer by the HSPMTB parish priest, Father Jack, SMM. In his brief remarks, the parish priest hoped that the young Catholics of HSPMTB would unite and work together as young parish Catholics who love Bible and the Virgin Mary. All of these initial activities were carried out at Betang (long house) of Sungai Uluk station.

Then at 14.00 PM, the OMK carries out the cross procession from the church to the betang. After that, the activity continued with welcoming the invited guests as well as holding a shawl and opening mass for the OMK Grand Gathering.

At 18.45 PM, the participants performed an art performance. This activity was started by a number of remarks delivered by the chairman of the committee, members of the Pastoral Council, and government representatives. The art performance was lively because each participant brought various kinds of events. The events that are displayed are not only oriented to mere recreational activities, but this show has many values that can be lived by every participant. The activities on Saturday 8 October were closed with taize and prayers.

On Sunday, October 9, the activity was opened with meditation and exercise together. After that, the activity continued with sharing entrepreneurship material. Then the participants were directed to pray the rosary and share the Bible at the people's homes.

At 16.00 PM, all activities closed with a closing mass. Father Jack, SMM as the parish priest said that this activity will continue next year at another station. This is because this activity really brings something positive to the parish Catholic Youth. Then, Father Roin, SMM invited all young Catholics to love the church more and participate in further church activities. After all the activities were completed, the participants went home with smiles, joy, and various positive experiences with values that helped them to live better lives.

Br. ardianus Manfour, SMM