Perpetual Vows in Malang

Malang, Indonesia On August 15, 2022, five brothers from SMM Indonesia made their eternal vows, namely Br. Matias Jebaru Adon, SMM, Br. Dominikus Siong, SMM, Br. Daniel Dagur, SMM, Br. Agustinus Asman, SMM, Br. Hironimus Aryo Dominggus, SMM. The Eucharistic celebration started at 16.30 WIB led by Fr. Antonius Tensi, SMM. The Eucharistic celebration was attended by parents, priests, brothers from other congregations, AMQAH, and invited guests.

In a short homily, Fr. Anton emphasized the essence of the three vows that are lived by religious and in particular as a Montfortian Religious. Fr Anton emphasized the concrete application of the three vows made. The observance of the three vows in our daily lives and in our duties is fundamental to our vows. Because these promises will be meaningful if we realize them in daily concrete actions.

Before the closing blessing, the Committee gave a chance to several people to greet, the first was Mr. Yoseph Minggu, the father of Br. Harris, SMM. He gave a speech on behalf of the families of the five brothers. In his speech, he advised you to stay enthusiastic, take care of yourself, take care of your eyes, take care of your heart, and take care of your health. The second is P. Anton. He said, "Don't turn back, once you step, you have to keep going!" Even though we fall due to severe trials, don't forget to get up, Never forget your God and His Providence. He emphasized zeal and belief in Divine providence and emphasized again, that once we look forward, move on, and never look back. Believe that Allah is always in any situation in your life.

Before making the Eternal Vows, the five confreres surrendered themselves as servants of God in Mary, through the ceremony of Dedication to Jesus Through Mary on August 14, 2022. This ceremony was presided over by Fr. Antonius Tensi, SMM. In a short homily delivered by Fr. Dwi, SMM, it was emphasized that “Self-dedication is the means we use to arrive at Jesus. In that way, we consciously and humbly choose Mary to be the mediator between us and Jesus. Furthermore, Fr. Dwi conveyed the reason, namely that we chose Mary because Mary was flawless, Mary is a person who puts all her desires in God's desire. In Mary, there is only God."

The Eucharistic celebration of the Eternal Vows concludes with a communal dinner. While having dinner, the guests were entertained with entertainment from the brothers.

Br. Maurinus R. Naban, SMM