Our pastoral approach “à la Montfort” is very relevant

LORETO, Italy - On 17th September 2022, Monsignor Fabio DAL CIN, Prelate of Loreto and Pontifical Delegate for the Sanctuary of the Holy House of Loreto and for the Basilica of Sant'Antonio in Padua, officially opened P. Valentino Lanfranchi parish hall of St. Flaviano Catholic Parish run by the Montfort Missionaries.

Present during the opening ceremony of the parish hall were: the parish priest, Fr. Giorgio MONZANI, SMM, Fr. Eugenio PERICO, SMM, Fr. Francesco PERICO, SMM, the mayor of Loreto, Mr. Moreno PIERONI and parishioners.

Mons. Fabio then presided over the evening Eucharistic celebration marking the celebration of the patron saint of the parish, Maria Addolorata. He encouraged the youth to be active in the parish and patronize the Holy House Shrine Basilica.

In an interview with Montfort Communications, Fr. Giorgio who is serving as the parish priest since 2013 said that there are several pastoral activities taking place in the parish.

“We have over 900 families, groups for the youth and adults. We organize pilgrimages, catechesis and liturgy classes, animation of Rosary at the sanctuary and here at the parish. Organizing programs for the youth and adults throughout the year. Our pastoral approach “à la Montfort” is very relevant not only here at the parish but also in the diocese. We are involved in giving Marian talks and seminars in the diocese.” He said shyly but with firm.

Montfort Communications