Fr. Joji KALARICKAL SMM and Fr. Fidelis BOLO WOTAN SMM Commissioned by Pope Francis as Missionaries of Mercy

Rome, Italy Two Montfortians in the Generalate community in Rome, namely, Frs. Joji KALARICKAL SMM and Fidelis BOLO WOTAN SMM get set after being commissioned as Missionaries of Mercy by Pope Francis. On 2nd October 2022, each received the certificate and the official letter from the Holy See, Vatican, dated 22nd June 2022.

Fr. Fidelis shares: “It really surprised me. I was appointed by the Holy See as one of the ministers of the Church in the service of the Sacrament of Confession. This is really a special gift from God that I have received through the Holy See. The Holy See says, ‘as a special gift of the Father’s Mercy, you may absolve the individual sins reserved to the Apostolic See, in accordance with the instruction attached to this Decree, rightly and forcefully anywhere in the world, until otherwise provided’.”

The two Montfortians promise that they will serve faithfully and correctly with simplicity of heart, benevolence, and kindness of mind, always keeping in mind the Merciful God, the Father of Mercies, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercies. They will be visiting parishes and communities bringing God’s mercy to all.

Fr. Joji is the Secretary General and the superior of the Generalate community, and Fr. Fidelis is the doctoral student of Pontifical Facolta' Teologica "Marianum" – Roma.

The Missionaries of Mercy offer a special ministry of outreach, hearing confessions and finding new ways to proclaim, express and bring God's mercy to all. They also have special faculties to give absolution to sins reserved for the Holy See.

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