Feast of Thanksgiving for the ordination of Fr. Sintus, SMM and 25 years of the priesthood of Fr. Kasmir, SMM

Ruteng The Priesthood Ordination of P. Sintus and the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the priesthood of P. Kasmir became a fresh topic in this October. Expressions of gratitude were not only held in Ende and in Mbeling but also in Novisat. The thanksgiving event for the two confreres will be held on October 25, 2022.

The thanksgiving ceremony began with a welcoming ceremony which started at 09:30 AM, in front of the main door of the Novitiate. The reception was carried out by draping a Manggarai shawl. Happiness can be seen on both of their faces. Of course we are happy too. Because seeing them happy is happiness for all of us. Their life choices make us happy of course.

The celebration starts at 10.00 AM. The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Fr. Sintus. We remembered that when he was still a deacon, we could joke with him. This memory made us – the brothers – smile as he began to speak in celebration. "Now, be more polite. He has become a priest. Tu’ang”, pungkas Fr. Kalis.

Fr. Kasmir. Of course, the type of humor is familiar to all confreres. His charisma appear at the beginning of his sermon. This certainly changed the expression of the people who looked very serious in celebration. Fr. Kasmir seemed to play his magic to make the people laugh out loud. Once again we were all happy. Fr. Kasmir shared his experience of the priesthood journey. Fr. Kasmir gave a lot of inspiration. Every mission he carries, he carries out with a spirit of obedience. That is one form of his love for the congregation and love for God. He was happy with his choice, with his obedience. One of his words that touched the brothers and sisters was “Happiness is not a gift, but a choice.” Our choices are our happiness. Thus, our choice should really be carried out. Happiness comes from there—obedience.

Before the end of the eucharistic celebration, Fr. Kasmir and Fr. Sintus were given the opportunity to pray in front of the statue of Our Lady of All Hearts in the Novitiate Chapel to ask for the blessing of Our Lady on their next journey. Furthermore, Fr. Sintus was allowed to first bless the priests, then the people.

This thanksgiving event was attended by the confreres who work in the Flores region, Daughters of Wisdom (DW), AMQAH, parishioners of St. Monfort Parish, and invited guests made the thanksgiving event a festive one. Their presence instantly made the Novitiate crowded.

At 12.45 PM was the end of the Eucharistic celebration and the beginning of the festive reception which was held in front of the dining room. The invited guests were led by the guests, chaired by Bro. April to occupy the available seats in the dining room, conference room, and in the hallway of the two rooms.

Br. Ariyavan dan Br. Triven