Canonical Visit of the General with the Lay Associates in Madagascar

ANTANANARIVO, Madagaskar - It was a great pleasure that marked the meeting between the members of the Montfortian Lay associates known as Association Marie Reine des Coeurs (AMRC) of Antsobolo and the Superior General, Father Luiz Augusto STEFANI, SMM, and the Assistant General, Father Felix Mabvuto PHIRI, SMM on Thursday afternoon, October 20, 2022. Another meeting of AMRC of Andraisoro was on Sunday, October 23, 2022.

These moments began with the Eucharistic celebration within the parish and continued with our meeting. We lay people were especially pleased and amazed during the brief presentation given by the General in person. He first shared about his family and religious background. He explained to us in general the life of the congregation and its link with the lay Montfortians. During which he had insisted so much on our prayer life and the need for praying for vocations. Father Luiz reminded us of the special roles of lay Montfortians in the mission of proclaiming the Good News and dispensing Montfortian spirituality to others.

He also mentioned to us about the General Chapter which will be held in Rome next May 2023 and the general meeting of lay Montfortians from all over the world in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre from August 6 - 13, 2023.

On our turn we shared more about our consecration and activities, opportunities, and challenges we encounter as lay Montfortians in participating and supporting the mission of the Montfort Missionaries. We had series of questions about the Montfort family congregations namely the Montfort Missionaries, Daughters of Wisdom and Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel.

Finally, we shared about our cultural values as Malagasy; the deep respect towards the Ray Aman-dReny (great elders) and hospitality. Thus, with great heart and with so much love, we offered small souvenirs for the three priests: Father Luiz, Father Félix and Father Bruno Kiki RANDRIANASOLO, SMM, the Vice-Provincial of Madagascar.

The final AMRC meeting with the General and Fr. Felix was on November 04, 2022 in Toamasina, in the parish of Sacred Heart Tanambao V. All AMRC of Madagascar were present.

Mandimby Fanjanirina FANOMEZANTSOA
Lay Associate