Self Dedication and Pledge of First Vows for Monfortians Novice Brothers

Novisiat-Ruteng – On May 30 and 31 2024, as usual, at the SMM Novitiate, Labe Ruteng, Indonesia, two important celebrations were held, namely the Dedication Ceremony and the Eucharist Celebration of the first vows of the six SMM Brothers. The Dedication Ceremony begins at 10 p.m. 18.00. In the presence of Father Anton, SMM and the confreres and families present, the brothers promised to be faithful to the Holy Scriptures, renew their baptismal vows and dedicate themselves completely to Jesus through Mother Mary. In his homily, Father Anton emphasized that it was actually during the dedication ceremony that they had already taken their monastic vows. Thus self-dedication is not merely a complement, but a truly important celebration, especially for Montfortans.

The day after the Dedication Ceremony, on May 31 2024, the brothers took their first vows in a Eucharistic Celebration at the SMM Ruteng Novitiate Chapel. With this celebration, the brothers officially became part of the extended family of the Montfortan Society of Mary congregation. The Eucharist celebration was led by the Provincial Father of SMM Indonesia, Father Anton as the main celebrant and attended by 18 concelebrant priests. "I am, do not be afraid" (John 6:20), was the theme chosen by the six brothers at the moment of their first vows. As religious people and also as weak human beings, this theme is used as an alarm sign to always remind them not to be afraid in carrying out their calling. Because they must believe in Jesus, the Eternal Wisdom, who always accompanies them in good times and bad.

Of course, this truly festive celebration was a very joyful celebration, both for the SMM confreres, the families of the professors, and all the people who attended. This big celebration was led directly by the Provincial Father and attended by approximately 200 people including monks and 18 priests. No less interesting, this celebration involves the participation of the congregation in the liturgy such as the choir from the Catholic base community Nasaret congregation, Kumba Parish; Lecturer by representatives of AMQAH and Catholic base community St. Montfort Kumba Parish; Psalms by representatives of the Sisters of the Congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom (DW); Prayers of the congregation by representatives of Montfort Youth Ruteng and offering bearers from the Profesandi family, the congregation of Catholic base community St. Montfort and members of the AMQAH. Apart from the melodious choir, this celebration was also enlivened by dancers from the Montfort Youth Ruteng children. Of course, this first vow celebration was also beautified with decorations handled by the Catechist Sisters.

After approximately two and a half hours, it was immediately followed by a reception in the SMM Novitiate hall. As an expression of gratitude for receiving vows from the six SMM brothers, the Novitiate community prepared lunch together. This time the kitchen team was handled directly by the Daughters of Wisdom Sisters (DW) of the Poco and Tenda Ruteng communities. This reception was also enlivened with presentations of programs, both from the brothers who had just taken vows and from invited guests who attended. This reception ends with a free program approximately until 15.00.

The Congregation of the Montfortan Indonesian Marian Society, of course, felt grateful and happy as Our Lady sang the magnificat. God always pays attention to the journey of the SMM congregation. So the celebration of the first vows is a celebration of joy because God shows His faithfulness and love for the journey of this congregation. Apart from that, this celebration is also a sign of hope that the SMM congregation will continue to grow and develop, especially for the Indonesian Province of SMM in the future. Dear fellow brothers, welcome to joining the large family of the Maria Montfortan Society.

Bro. Wilton Woge-Novis, SMM