Second day of the Indonesian SMM Chapter

The second day of the chapter, Monday 19 February 2024, opened with a joint Eucharistic celebration in the chapel of the new building of the Pondok Wisdom Seminary. Fr. Sumadi, SMM was the celebrant in this eucharistic celebration. After the Eucharist, breakfast continues. The meeting starts at 08.00 WIB.

The second day of the chapter had reports on the agenda. The first session began with a report from Father Anton, as provincial and in charge of the Montfort-style mission commission. After the Provincial Father, the priests who were responsible for the commissions one by one gave their reports. The first series of sessions closed with a presentation on the JPIC commission by Father Yosef Jehara, SMM. The second session specifically listened to the Economic Commission's presentation and the SMM Economist's report. Through specific presentations, the capitulants were presented with the real economic situation and conditions of the congregation.

The first part of the second day closed with lunch together. After taking time for an afternoon break, the 3rd session started at 16.30 WIB. The afternoon session had a single agenda, namely listening to the report of the provincial secretary, Fr Melki, SMM.

The dynamics of the 2nd day's activities went well. Father Budiono, O'Carm, as the chapter facilitator, guided the meeting smoothly and full of brotherhood. Apart from listening to reports from the Provincial, Commissions, Economists and Provincial Secretaries, the capitulants were also given the opportunity to provide responses. The responses of the capitulants took the form of suggestions and clarifying questions. Each capitulant response was answered and clarified well by the resource persons. The capitulants also expressed their sincere appreciation to the Provincial and Provincial Council Team for their love and dedication to the congregation over the past 6 years. The second day of the chapter closed with afternoon worship and dinner together.

RP. Rafael Seviam Lepen, SMM