The Secret of the Rosary

One of the most honorable titles bestowed upon St. Louis Marie (‘pastor with a large rosary’) is “Apostle of the Cross and Holy Rosary.” The Rosary occupies an important place in his own spiritual life and his life. The Secret Apostolate of the Holy Rosary (as it is sometimes called) is not as original as his other books, for here it demonstrates the value of one particular devotional practice (named among others in True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin), and at the same time many borrowed from many authors.

Since he was primarily a missionary to the common people, he concentrated mainly on the poor and abandoned. He began to renew the Christian spirit within them, believing that this could be achieved by devotion to Mary, which can only bring people to Jesus and holiness. He believed that the Rosary was the great secret of knowing Mary and finding Jesus through her. He established the Rosary, wherever he preached and recited it in public every day during his mission. This book, although unpublished in his lifetime, was certainly intended for all ages, as is clear from “Little Rose” in the introduction. In the body of the book, (like the Rosary itself) divided into Decades each with ten "roses", he talks about the origins of this form of Marian devotion and the miracles in which it developed over the centuries. Well, as critics will express doubts about some of his stories, he is simply pointing out that he has quoted them from reputable authors. The rest of the book, with the power and effectiveness of the Rosary, the prayers it makes, the beauty and usefulness of meditation that accompanies it. He explained how to say the Rosary 'properly' and in the end gave some Methods of Reciting the Rosary.