Epiphany Parish, Siut

Epifania Siut Melapi parish consists of 13 stations and 15 wards with a total number of devotees by the end of 2022.

The Parish of Penampakan Tuhan (the Appearance of God/Epiphany) Siut is the result of the expansion of the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Putussibau, based on Decree No. 197/Par/79 from August 24, 1979, issued by Mgr. Isak Doera. In this decree, Mgr. Isak Doera divided parishes from 7 parishes to 34 parishes. Father Jean Subra. OMI became the parish priest of Siut. The parish area covers the area of South Putussibau District from Suai to Tanjung Lokang, which is located on the Upper Kapuas River.

It is not known exactly when the Catholic missions in the Siut and Melapi areas started. Records of the Bika and Putussibau parish tours before 1948 were not found in the archives. But based on the touring of Father Fulgentius, who was then the parish priest of Sintang, he went to Bika on October 23, 1932, for a school inspection. Because Bika's motorboat was damaged, Father Fulgentius, Father Oktavianus, and their entourage had to row to Melapi on October 25, 1932. Departed at 04:45 in the morning and arrived at Mr. Bok house at 8 pm. Because they could not continue, they had to walk until they arrived in Melapi at 9 pm.

The purpose of the Capuchin missionaries going to Melapi was to inspect the mission school in Bethany. Since there are already schools, there have certainly been rather regular visits to Melapi since the establishment of Bika Parish. From Melapi, these two Capuchin Fathers continued their journey to Padua in Mendalam, on October 27, 1932. Father Fulgentius, OFM Cap, and Father Flavianus, OFM Cap wanted to go to Melapi again on February 22, 1934, but canceled, because the teacher teaching in Melapi was sick and hospitalized in Bika, treated by a doctor.

The areas around Putussibau, including Siut and Melapi, have been regularly visited since the establishment of Putussibau Parish in 1947. Father Hub Reijnders, SMM made many visits to villages in the Putussibau parish area. Father Reijnders visited Melapi on March 22, 1949, and met a teacher, namely Pak Bau. He again visited Melapi on 27 June 1949. This priest returned to Melapi on 23-24 November 1953 and married Yohanes Dayut to Sarika. In the following years, visits of priests from Putussibau became more regular because it had become one of the important stations of the Breakingsibau parish