St. Montfort Parish, PIR Butong

St. Montfort Parish, PIR Butong was inaugurated by Mgr. A. Sutrisnaatmaka, MSF (Bishop of Plangka Raya Diocese) on September 1, 2013. The name of St. Montfort, which is the name of the patron of the parish, is dedicated to marking the definitive presence of SMM's work in the Diocese of Palangka Raya. PIR Butong Since this inauguration, a pastoral community of SMM has been formed in PIR Butong with the parish priest, Father Yusup Gunarto, and assisted by P. Kosmas Ambo Patan, as fellow pastors, plus Brothers Niko Narimo and Brother. Ryan, SMM (Pastoral Orientation). Father Yusup Gunarto was no longer a parish priest here because he moved to Purwokerto in early 2014. In his place, P. Ignatius Widodo SMM was appointed Provincial to be the parish priest of St. Montfort PIR Butong. Currently, Father Ignasius Widodo, SMM is accompanied by Father Kosmas, SMM (August 2013. Before the inauguration of this parish, Father Kosmas had served in Muara Teweh Parish as a fellow pastor); Father Ariston, SMM (started 2013), Father Frumens (started August 2014-August 2016), Brother Niko (since 2013). The TOP Brothers (2015) are: Theodorus Meko Koten, SMM and the Top Brothers in 2016 are Fr. Oris Goti, SMM (resigned from SMM 2017). In 2015, Father Kosmas was appointed pastor of PIR Butong Parish, and Yohanes Baptista Waja, SMM became a fellow priest in July 2016.