Parish of Saint Anthony of Padua, Mendalam

Paroki St. Antonius Padua, Mendalam terdiri dari 10 stasi dengan jumlah umat seluruhnya pada akhir tahun 2022. Apart from priests, many people have contributed to the growth of the Church in this region, including Tevo Ure, Ding Lata, Aki Sano, Paran Li, Yosef Usup, Paulus Bato, Ijot, and some catechists, namely Yulius Pandi, Gregorius Seman, and Agnes Ado.

There is no exact record of when the missionaries began to enter and proclaim the gospel to the Profound region and beyond. From the following data, it can be concluded that the mission work in Mendalam has been started since the establishment of the Bika parish.

From the touring report, it was stated that Father Fulgentius, OFM Cap, and Father Oktavianus, OFM Cap visited Padua in Mendalam on October 27, 1932, to inspect the school there. Father Fulgentius, together with Father Gijsbers, OFM Cap, and Brother Bertrandus, OFM Cap again conducted a school inspection in Padua on February 15-17, 1934. In other words, there was already a Catholic school in Mendalam that year, which should be assumed that the Catholic mission had entered the Profound in the previous years.

Father Harrie L'Ortye, SMM, Father Linssen, SMM, and Father Edmundus, OFM Cap who lives in Bika had the opportunity to visit Hulu Kapuas, enter the city of Putussibau and the Mendalam river, especially the villages of Tanjung Karang and Tanjung Kuda in 1939. Since the establishment of the parish Putussibau in 1947, pastoral visits to the Mendalam area have begun to be carried out more regularly

Father Hub Reijnders, SMM visited Mendalam several times in 1949, namely on January 15-18, and met with teacher Ingan Ding; on January 25; April 19; April 26; May 4 with Father L van den Boorn, May 27-28. On January 26 and March 3, 1949, he went to Teluk Engkala, there was school business with teacher Abu.

Since 1979, Mendalam became a new parish and the first priest in charge was Father Aloysius Ding, SMM until 1994. This is where he died and was buried in 1995.

To expedite the service of the people, the Parish of St. Antonius Padua, Mendalam divides his parish area into 10 stations. In general, all stations can be passed by land vehicles, except for some stations that do not yet have land roads, so they must use motorized canoes.