Letter to the People of Montbernage

In 1705, after being released from his position as chaplain to the "General Hospital" in Poitiers. Louis Marie begins missions in the city and suburbs of Poitiers. He began by concentrating on those districts, such as Montbemage, where ordinary people lived. He immediately had great success. but at the same time faced serious challenges, especially from the Vicar General. For peace. The bishop chose to sacrifice Louis Marie, who was forced to leave the city at the beginning of Lent 1706. Before leaving Poitiers and making a pilgrimage to Rome to meet the Pope, he wrote a circular to the parishioners where he preached. It is now known as the Letter to the Residents of Montbernage. In it, he encourages them to be true to all they have promised during his mission and asks for their prayers at a difficult time for himself.