Letter to the Members of the Company of Mary

Beginning with the words of Christ Do not fear the little flock because it has pleased your Father to bestow the kingdom upon you (Luke 12 32), St. Louis Marie applied these words to the Society of Mary. This is a short letter that is an exhortation to union members to be faithful to the spirit of evangelical poverty and to believe in God's Providence. when the letter was written, it was likely that no priests had yet joined the union, and St. Louis Marie seems to have predicted that the Church would always remain relatively small because she insisted that they not be discouraged by small numbers, she also insisted on hope and joy in the knowledge that God will keep them in His Providence.

The end of the manuscript is absent, ending in the middle of a sentence, but the ending was given (possibly by Father Gabriele Deshayes) in 1837.

This letter, together with v, with the Burning Prayer for Missionaries and My Missionary Rules for the Company of Mary. formed a triptych which has been accepted by the Holy See as part of the official Rules and Constitution of the Company of Mary today in the sense that they become the source of the modern Rules