Saint Mary Queen of the Rosary Parish, Lebang

The Parish of Santa Maria Ratu Rosari (Saint Mary Queen of the Rosary), Lebang consists of 34 stations.

The Church of Santa Maria Rotu Rosario, in Lanjing, Lebang Region, especially Nanga Lebang, has been frequently visited since the establishment of the Sintang parish in 1932. The interior (land) of this parish has not been visited. From the tour report data, the upstream area of the Lebang river was visited between 1953-1959.

At that time the Catholic mission was still foreign in the Lebang river area. At first, the Catholic faith entered the Lebang area when it was introduced by a figure, namely Mr. Petrus Djudi (late). He comes from Bubur village (the current Pelimping area). Mr. Petrus Djudi migrated to Sintang and became one of the administrators of the PPD (Dayak Unity Party). While overseas and socializing with friends, he saw the Catholic faith and was interested in following it. In 1955 the PPD did not enter the general election and was dissolved because it was regional, so he returned to his village with a desire to develop the Catholic faith in his village in Bubur.

In 1957 in the village of Bubur, Mr. Petrus Djudi began to introduce Catholicism to his close families and began by studying catechumens together. In 1959, Father Vleuten had the opportunity to enter the Lebang river, from March 12-22 1959. He visited the village of Nanga Lebang, Nanga Pintas, and on March 17 met with Pak Djudi, rowed straight up the river, to Pelimping Lanjing and Bengkuang. It was during this turn that Father Vleuten and Pak Petrus Djudi were. Father Vleuten again visited along the Lebang river from 21-1 December 1960.

The preparation period for this catechumen turned out to be quite long. It wasn't until 1961 that Father Van der Vleuten, SMM invited these 9 catechumenates to Sintang to be baptized at the Sintang Cathedral Church (Baptism data was recorded at the Cathedral Parish). These nine early congregations were, Mr. Petrus Djudi, Mrs. Lusia Enta, Mr. Alypius Gesang, Mrs. Yosepha Sinda, Mr. Aloysius Sarap, Mrs. Itut, Mr. Hiasintus Sometimes, Mr. Penggang, and Mr. Yohanes Saka. Of these 9 people who are still around to this day only 3 are left, while the others have died.

From 1960 this Lebang area as one of the stations that joined the Sintang Cathedral Parish received services twice a year by Father Van Vleuten, SMM. He was the first priest to serve the Lebang station and also the first Montfortan priest to serve the people of the Lebang station.

In 1961, Father van der Vleuten was replaced by Father van Cuyk, SMM. This priest directly visited the Lebang River from January 6-16, 1961. During his tour from December 27, 1961, to January 15, 1962, there were a large number of candidates for catechumens, namely 26 people in Bengkuang, 40 people in Belepung, 124 people in Serangas, 7 people in Sei Pukat, 84 people in Sepan, 65 people in Lanjing, and 43 people in Pelimpin. Father van Cuyck served until 1967.

In 1968 Father Piet Derckx, SMM replaced Father van Cuyk SMM. He started by establishing an elementary school (formerly SR). This elementary school still exists today, which is what we know as the Lanjing Private Elementary School. With the opening of this elementary school in Lanjing, Catholics in the Lebang station experienced very significant development. The number of people is growing very rapidly because Catholicism is also taught in schools.

In 1974 Father Cornelis J. Smit, SMM replaced Father Piet Derckx, SMM as Father of Lebang. Father Smit is known as a priest who is very close to the people and is very diligent in traveling to villages. In 1979, Lebang Station changed its status to Lebang Parish. This parish took the name Lebang because the parish area is located in the Lebang watershed, from upstream to Nanga Lebang. As a new parish, since 1979, Father Kees Smit is the first Lebang Parish Priest. He served the Lebang parishioners from 1974 to 1995, for 21 years. The parishioners of Lebang, especially the elders, were very impressed with this priest because he was very mingling with the people and when he turned around, he felt at home in the village for a long time.

In 1995, Father I. Widodo, SMM replaced Father Kees Smit, SMM. He began to think about building a church building as the central parish church because in the center of the parish there was only a simple chapel with clapboard walls. This plan finally materialized when the central parish church was completed and inaugurated in 1998 in Lanjing. At the same time, he also gave a new name to the parish, namely Maria Ratu Rosari Parish, Lebang, following the name of the patron of the parish central church. Since its status as a station of the Sintang Cathedral parish until now, the Lebang parish area has been served by priests of the Company of Mary (SMM).

The economic situation of the parishioners of Maria Ratu Rosari Lebang Parish, in general, are farmers, especially rubber. Recently, oil palm plantations have also begun to enter, which absorbs a very large area of land, making it difficult for rubber farmers to expand their rubber plantations. The pattern of life began to change. Therefore, the Parish, through the Parish Pastoral Council, continues to encourage people to maintain the remaining land for planting rubber and cultivate swamps to become rice fields, and start with ponds for raising fish.

This parish has not yet produced priests and brothers, but up to 2011, Lebang parish has produced 2 (two) nuns who have taken vows and 1 nun who has just postulated, and 5 seminarians. The sisters from Lebang Parish are, Sr. Indrawati, ALMA, who served in Medan, and Sr. Marsinta, OSC Cap, a Capuchin rubiah who served in Sarikan.