Dispositions for a Happy Death

Pada malam kematian St Louis Marie, salinan Disposisi Kematian yang Bahagia ditemukan di antara barang-barang misionaris yang menemaninya.

On the few blank pages of this booklet, Father Mulot wrote the Last Will and Covenant that the dying man dictated to him.

This explains why a copy of this small work, the only one in existence today, has been preserved.

It consists of five parts, the last three being of course not by St. Louis Marie, but by Pastor J. Nouet, S.J. The second part of “The vast heaven” also seems to be borrowed from someone else.

The first part, however, is about the disposition of death which is far, near, and final, which is similar to the concept of preaching found in St. Louis Marie, it could be his own work.

In the final disposition, we find counsel for True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, and for renewing our Baptism Promises, themes which St. Louis Marie.