Day 2 of the Continental Assembly for Asia and Oceania

MALANG, EAST JAVA, Indonesia The second day of the Continental Assembly 2022 on 5th July 2022 began with the Holy Eucharistic celebration.

The theme of the day was: Montfortian Identity in Asia and Oceania.

In the morning, Fr. Arnold SUHARDI, SMM greeted the participants and welcomed them. “Montfortian identity is not a new theme”, he said. He made a reference of the letter of Superior General in 1985 (37 years ago) which defined us as “Missionaries of the Company of Mary.” St. Montfort wanted the company to be prophetic and renewed. We are a company because we work together, with the Marian characteristic.

Fr. Arnold said, going above the obstacles, we are called to build brotherhood and collaboration within the entities, which is the goal of the Continental Assembly 2022.

Fr. Michael SAHAYARAJ, SMM gave the overview of identity of SMM in India. India is the land of cultural diversity and religious plurality.

Fr. Antonius TENSI, SMM presented the Montfortian legacy in Indonesia. People identify us with our name Montfortian because of our availability and devotion to our Lady. He said our model is Montfort and icon is liberos.

Fr. Francis Prasanth ENASAPPPA, SMM presented the itinerary mission of Papua New Guinea (PNG). PNG is a remote place where the Canadian missionaries ventured. People who live in thick bush and in rough waters have seen light through our mission work. A journey from cannibalism to a culture of Christian faith on the dignity and sanctity of human life and from the fear of sorcery to the light of grace.

Fr. Sherwin NUNEZ, SMM presented the Montfortian identity in the Philippines. The Montfortians are well known in the country for Marian devotion and for the propagation of Totus Tuus journey which is very effective. The itinerary missions have given greater identity for the missionaries. Parish missions have greater effect in the evangelization.

The participants were divided into four groups and were invited to discuss on modalities and challenges of working together for the better collaboration in Asia and Oceania.

Fr. Reynaldo BULLAS, SMM presented on the Role of Communications in CMY. Communication is very important to share our Montfortian unity with our cultural diversity. The Vision and Mission of Montfortian Communications is to build a strong bond and communicate among the entities.

The day ended with Rosary and Supper.

Communications team – Indonesia