Blessing in the Midst of a Pandemic

The impact of Covid-19 has had a profound effect on all of us. Our mobility is already limited and we can't do much. All existing plans cannot be realized properly and cannot even be executed at all. We have been in this situation for several months, and of course, there is a sense of saturation because we have to obey government rules to keep our distance and stay away from crowds. Everything is done from home and we are asked to stay at home. The Covid-19 outbreak is not joking or playing with us. So we take it seriously and with great vigilance.

The certainty of when this epidemic will end remains a question mark. In our hearts we may mutter if this epidemic continues for a long time, what do we eat because we don't have a steady income. What will our fate be tomorrow? The very human questions that were asked from friends and people who shared their experiences in the midst of this pandemic, certainly inspire our conscience to do something, as far as it helps. Helping is not because we have advantages, but driven by our compassion for the fate of others who are directly affected by Covid-19. Many of them lost their jobs and were laid off. Of course, as people of faith, this difficult situation does not make us discouraged, afraid, and anxious. Because in this situation the unity of the heart to pray together is extraordinary. There was also real action by sharing masks, (Personal protective equipment) PPE, and basic necessities from people who worked in lay groups. Together with the Putussibau Santo Montfort Relatives (KSM) group, we tried to raise funds to collect basic necessities. The staple food is the target point for the monastic and pastoral communities in Putussibau.

We at the Deo Soli Mission House remain grateful in the midst of this Corona Virus outbreak. Why not, for the last 3 months people have really care about us. The assistance we received in the form of basic necessities from the community, Credit Unions, members of AMQAH Putussibau and donors was the answer to prayer. Without the help of these people, of course, our expenses are very large, while the main source of income from categorical activities so far can no longer be expected.

God already has an extraordinary way in difficult times like this. What is obtained from the people and donors is also a form of response to our sincerity in every service to the people sincerely and full of love. The love of the people is also extraordinary in the form of sincere giving.

AMQAH Putussibau Shares Basic Food and Masks for Relatives

AMQAH Putussibau held an activity to distribute basic necessities. This action was the idea of several KSM members after conducting consultations and asking for suggestions from Delegates of AMQAH Putussibau. This idea is offered to all AMQAH members, both those who have dedicated themselves and candidates and sympathizers.

All the AMQAH members agreed and they started to raise funds voluntarily among themselves. The target points for the distribution of basic food assistance were the monasteries in Putussibau and the Putussibau Rectory. The main reason these basic necessities are only given to presbyteries and monasteries is the ability of the funds collected which can only to reach monasteries and presbyteries. Very realistic and reasonable. In addition, several members of the AMQAH Together with the WKRI women's group made masks from cloth. These masks have been distributed to villages or stations outside Putussibau parish. Their impression after returning was very happy because there were still many people in the village who had not received masks.


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